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We are a Northern Virginia based company specializing in pet behavior problem resolution.  We are experts in dog, cat, and rabbit behavior.  Our in-home consultations allow us to evaluate pet behavior and discover the root cause of the problem.  From there, we build a behavior treatment protocol that teaches you how to reduce stress, anxiety, fear, or aggression while implementing successful desensitization and behavior modification techniques.  We’ve been helping people and there pets for over 20 years resolve tough behavior problems like separation anxiety, canine rivalry, many types of aggressive dog behavior, fears and phobias, house soiling issues, and puppy behaviors such as destructiveness, nipping, jumping, and crate training.  For cats, we’ve helped resolve difficult litter box issues, territorial spraying, feline rivalry, destructive behavior, as well as a variety of aggressive cat behaviors.

For local clients in Northern Virginia, Maryland and D.C., our pet behavior evaluations are done in the comfort of your home.  In home consultations give us the advantage of viewing the world in which your pet lives.  If you’ve been struggling with the challenges of your dog’s or cat’s behavior issues and have been hoping to find someone knowledgeable and effective, give us a call or contact us.  We use a variety of positive approaches, never harsh or punishing.  We  will show you how to resolve your pet’s behavior issues and rebuild your relationship with your pet, just like we’ve done for so many of our clients.  You can view some of our testimonials on our HAPPY TALES page.

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We’ve been featured in Washingtonian Magazine's Best Pet Services, as well as The Washington Post, Northern Virginia Magazine, Cat Fancy, Dog Fancy, Dogs USA, ABC News, CBS News, and Channel 4 NBC News with Liz Crenshaw.