Pet Behavior Solutions for Dogs and Cats


Companion Animal Behavior has been providing pet behavior solutions for dogs and cats since the early 90’s in the Northern Virginia and metro DC area, leading the way with positive behavior methods and lasting behavior change.

We offer telebehavior and in-home consultations that allow in depth evaluations of your pet’s behavior and their environment.  We work to uncover the root cause of problem behavior.  We then build custom pet behavior solutions that teach you how to reduce stress, anxiety, fear, or aggression while implementing positive, proven behavior modification techniques to resolve your pet’s behavior problems.  We see a variety of behavior issues, such as dog and cat aggression, separation anxiety, house soiling, litter box issues, canine or feline rivalry, and various fears, and phobias.

We use a variety of positive approaches, never harsh or punishing, to solve dog and cat behavior problems.  We  will show you how to resolve your pet’s behavior issues and rebuild your relationship with your pet, just like we’ve done for so many of our clients.  You can view some of our success stories on our Happy Tails page.

If you’ve been struggling with the challenges of dog or cat behavior issues and have been hoping to find someone knowledgeable and effective, please read about us or contact us for more information.

Dog Behavior

We have successfully resolved thousands of tough dog behavior problems.  We focus on providing dog families with the tools they need to create lasting behavior change using positive behavior modification and training techniques that strengthen the relationship with their dog.  We show you how to bring about change without the use of forceful, aversive, or fear producing methods that often make problem behaviors worse, and can damage the relationship between the dog and his or her family.  With our positive methods, we have helped many dogs with issues like separation anxiety, canine rivalry, various aggressive behavior, fears and phobias, house soiling,  and puppy behaviors like mouthing, jumping, and chewing.



Cat Behavior

We specialize in difficult cat behavior issues using the latest positive training and behavior modification techniques.  We will show you how to  resolve your cat’s behavior issues while improving your relationship with your cat.  We have successfully resolved numerous litter box problems, territorial spraying, feline rivalry, destructive behavior, as well as a variety of aggressive cat issues.  We also help cats adapt to a new home, new baby, or other changes in family dynamics, easing the transition and focusing on ways to reduce stress and aide in successful adaptation to these changes.




Anony Alexandria
“I am confident your services were integral to our family, your attention was invaluable, and that you’ve become a trusted resource for our family. We feel the monetary value was exceptional and the intrinsic value of an educated ally was a cornerstone to their successful integration to our family.

Thank you for everything you’ve done for us, and for everything you continue to do for all of your clients and animals that need help. Like an attorney, I hope to not “need” your services again, but if we do need an expert…you’re the one we’re calling.”
– Alexandria, VA        

Dog Behavior
Happy Pups
“I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you. We had the two dachshunds, Precious and Jasmine who had a hard time adapting to our new baby. I am happy to say that both dogs are doing WONDERFUL! Things are just great! I just wanted to say thank you again because had it not been for you, we probably wouldn’t have our Jasmine with us anymore because it seems everyone thought getting rid of her was the only option and you helped us prove them wrong. 🙂 Thanks again and take care.” – A.W. Woodbridge VA        

Cat Behavior
Feline Rivalry Resolved
“Please know how much I appreciate all that you did for us, helping our home to be more peaceful and loving. ” -H.S., Washington D.C.