Virtual, Phone and In-Person Options

Telebehavior Consultations – For those who prefer a virtual option, we offer dog and cat behavior consultations to clients both near and far. With easy links to Zoom meetings we can assist virtually, or if you prefer we can schedule a phone consult. To help us gather all the info we need, we have a detailed pet behavior questionnaire and many clients also choose to send in photos and videos of their pet’s environment and behavior issues.

Check out our options and fee schedule here:

In home consultations

We see clients all over Northern Virginia, Maryland and DC. After a detailed behavioral history and evaluation, pet owners are given our assessment of the problem with written recommendations for solving it. Pet owners receive help in a supportive, professional, and objective manner. Our positive behavior modification recommendations are practical, scientifically based, and effective. Contact us to get more information and a quote for your pet’s issues, or select our online booking service here.

Custom Behavior Plans:  Our treatment plans consist of a variety of positive behavior modification and behavior management techniques.  Treatment plans are customized to your pet’s issues and may include a combination of effective behavior modification, environmental modification, positive training, stress reduction and anxiety, and stress, fear or aggression management.  We offer phone, email, and in-person follow up options.

Positive and Effective:  Our focus is, and always has been, a positive program that will help you build a healthy relationship with your pet.  You can rest easy; our programs do not rely on aversive techniques, force methods, or harsh punishment.  Your pet will thank you for choosing us!

Follow up plans:  Since most behavior problems did not start overnight, they may not resolve overnight. Lasting behavior change is a process.  We encourage our clients to follow up with us on a regular basis.  We are available by phone, email, or additional in-home visits, depending on your pet’s issues and your follow up preferences.

Have you visited your vet?  A recent medical evaluation including any relevant diagnostic testing performed by your veterinarian is recommended prior to your consultation or soon after, to rule out medical conditions that may be contributing to the behavior problem.